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A Beautiful land where kids & adults find joy and therapy


Thanks to the generous donations of the Kons family, Dilly was first horse to call this haven his permanent home.  At the request of his generous donors, Dilly will provide therapy to young and old, strong and feeble.

Even though he was only born in 2013, he's incredibly gentle and well-tempered.  He love children and enjoys treats and being brushed!

He was formally trained in various dressage, and his beauty combined with his skill thrust him into World Championship competitions.  We are so blessed and privileged to care for Dilly, and see him in turn bring wellness to those who meet him.

Please consider a monthly gift.  Just $25 a month can provide his care, or help subsidize therapy sessions for those in need.


Panda Momma,


We welcomed the first lamb born on The Promised Land Ranch and Preserve this spring, on April 24th. And what a special little ewe lamb she is! 


Panda Mama, who has recognizable caramel patches on her eyes, is the proud first-time mother. Everyone certainly could not be happier to have this little bundle join The Promised Land family.  Healthy, cute, happy and bouncy, she was born early on a Saturday when our head shepherd was in the 'windy city' with his family - giving her the name, Chicago.



Gracie & Happy

Snowball, born in 2020, is also a first year mommy.  She was our second ewe to give birth at The Promised Land and our first ewe to deliver twins!  

Gracie and Happy (with the blond neck mark) were born on xxxx, and are kind baby ladies.  It's really incredible how fast they grow!

Support Snowball or one of her little ladies for just $25 a month!  Don't forget to put your sheep's name in your donation memo


Want to Meet Dilly or our Lambs?

One way you can bring your kids to meet our precious animals is by becoming a monthly sponsor!  You can get fun and exclusive updates to our sheep flock or Dilly while also knowing you're a part of making therapy for others possible!

Just Donate $25 a month on our home page and become part of our flock!

You can also become a Mustang or Ranch Member for animal experiences (see Membership Page for more details).

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Have a Party and Include our Sheep!

Another wonderful opportunity for you to be around our gentle sheep would be to book a room rental (see Room Rental Page) and note in your reservation your interest!

This can take a fun birthday party over the moon!  Imagine your child and their friend getting a surprise from Mom or Dad after the gift opening!  What a way to make memories that will last forever! 

Give us a call and book your reservation today! (414) 419-5974

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