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Wood Piles

Tim's Mill

One way you can support The Promised Land Ranch & Preserve is by milling your timber at Tim's Mill, where we use a professional mill designed and manufactured in the US by TimberKing!

Tim has long been in love with God's beautiful creation, especially trees.  He worked with wood for a majority of his life while in general contracting and carpentry, and now that he and his family run TPL organization (visit our home page), the saw mill has been a family favorite activity.  We have used the mill for a variety of purposes, including recycling electric poles for sheep and horse paddock fencing.

We currently offer two services: mill for hire, and live edge / rough sawn sale from our personally milled inventory.  Most species are available at various thicknesses and lengths, including:
  • Ash, White/Black
  • Birch, White/River
  • Hickory
  • Locust, Black
  • ​Maple, Red
  • Oak, White/Black/Red
  • Spruce, White/Blue

Please call us at (414) 419-5974 to schedule your appointment.  Scroll or look to the right for more details on how you can get an incredible piece of lumber milled that you'll never forget.  Plus, you'll be furthering the cause of The Promised Land Ranch & Preserve.

Thank you!
Tim Winter & Family

Trailer your Lumber to us (Mill for Hire, Option 1)

Using our skid steer, we will remove lumber from your trailer and move to our loading area.  We will have paperwork for you to fill out upon arrival with desired dimensions and associated pricing.  You pick up finished product upon completion.


We come to you and pick up timber (Mill for Hire, Option 2)

We realize not everyone has the equipment to lift or transport large timber.  We are happy to accommodate this situation by coming to you for the timber, discussing your desired finished product, and then delivering the product back to you.  Depending on product, travel, etc, pricing will vary.


Live Edge for sale!

Because our hours are by appointment only, give us a call and let us know what you're looking for!  We have various specimen available for sale at reasonable pricing.

Also, We gladly receive donated timber!  This is a significant contributor to The Promised Land Ranch & Preserve non-for-profit.



Serving many happy customers, who in turn serve many special families

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