Venue Information

Three beautiful sites, three unique experiences,

Your Timeless Wedding


Ceremony only

Host up to 200 people at any location

noon to 7pm

10am to 7pm

noon to 7pm


  • 1hr rehearsal

  • White chairs (setup provided)

  • Restrooms (?)

  • blank

  • blank


  • A/V system ($250)

  • Cocktail tables ($150)

  • Onsite Prep suite ($500)

  • Onsite Overnight suite ($500)

  • Pastor to Preside ($500)

Ceremony & Reception

Our tents provide capacity up to 200 guests

noon to Midnight

10am to Midnight

noon to Midnight


  • 1hr ceremony rehearsal

  • 1hr tent preparation

  • White chairs, ceremony

  • White chairs & tables, tent

  • Head, Gift & Cake tables

  • Yard Games

  • Chandelier Lighting

  • Dance floor

  • Restrooms


  • Tent Wall ($100)

  • Tent Heater ($200)

  • Cocktail tables ($150)

  • Table linens ($100)

  • Chandeliers ($100)

  • His&Hers Bridal Tent ($250)

  • Onsite Prep suite ($500)

  • Onsite Overnight suite ($500)

  • Wet Bar ($500)

*Provided by Bride & Groom:

Tent A/V or DJ, Special Lighting & Decorations, Food & Beverage


Why Have your Wedding at
The Promised Land Ranch & Preserve?

Close to everywhere,
feels like middle of nowhere

Conveniently Located in Menomonee Falls

Barely 30 minutes from Mitchell International, 20 from Downtown, and less than 20 from almost everywhere, this is the perfect site for those who want the rural feel but also have travelers from out of town or desire catering from local hotspots

At the Airport

"Weddings at The Promised Land Ranch & Preserve help us reach those with disabilities"

Timothy Winter, TPL BOD President, Founder

Our nonprofit fulfills dreams of those disadvantaged, introducing them to animals, nature, and outdoor activities.

"We are able to employ incredible people throughout the venue, helping them develop skills and build confidence in their abilities"

Stuart Winter, TPL BOD Director, Co-Founder

Few things are more rewarding than seeing individuals with disabilities light up with joy and enthusiasm as they support various needs of a wedding venue.

Waiter Serving Coffee

It's simply 

Four Season Wisconsin Beauty for your favorite seasonal timing

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